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Fundraiser 2024 Digital Journal Ad Submission


$3,600 - Mega Mensch (Large font, highlighted page with special effects)
$1,800 - Mensch (Highlighted page with special effects)
$1,000 - Gold Page
$500 - Silver Page
$360 - Full Page
$180 - 1/2 Page
$90 - 1/4 Page
$54 - Booster Listing, Name Only

All ads will be in color this year and displayed throughout the fundraiser on a TV screen in an effort to be more environmentally friendly. 

If you are paying for a Journal ad, please type your personal message exactly as you would like it to appear in the Journal in the space provided by Friday, April 15th.

You can also email your message, camera-ready artwork or photos to
Mon, May 20 2024 12 Iyar 5784