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Boker Tov - A Lay-Led Morning Service
Weekly on Thursdays, 7:30 a.m.
Join us for our monthly, lay-led weekday morning opportunity to begin the day with music, contemplation, study, and connections with friends old and new. 

A bit of Boker Tov news....

As our Boker Tov leader, Stephen Gordon does such a wonderful job putting our Service together and making sure we have an enriching experience.  Our Boker Tov Service began several years ago after many of us went to a sunrise "Blessing of the Sun" Service Rabbi Andy Gordon held at Harbor Island Park.  We all enjoyed the Service so much that Rabbi Gordon started what we now know as Boker Tov.  Rabbi Gordon continued leading the Service throughout his time at Scarsdale Synagogue.  When Rabbi Gordon moved on, Tom Vogel very capably stepped in.  Tom guided us through meaningful worship for many years and has recently asked Stephen Gordon to continue the journey.  Stephen was recently at the URJ Biennial and ran into Rabbi Gordon.  Stephen told Rabbi Gordon that we are still holding Boker Tov Services.  Rabbi Gordon was so touched to know that something so important to so many lives on! ​

Mon, October 19 2020 1 Cheshvan 5781