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At Mazel Tots, teaching about helping others is part of the curriculum:  

  • The children learn about giving tzedakah and doing mitzvot. In addition, the children in our Three’s and Four’s classes earn money for chores done at home and bring their tzedakah to school.   As a class, they discuss and decide which organizations to support.

  • Families help feed the hungry by sending their children to school with the Food of the Month as requested by the United Interfaith Food Bank.  The Food Bank relies on these donations to help feed the hungry just 20 minutes away from us in the North Bronx.

  • Parents organize drives for items such as children's equipment (including play pens, car seats and strollers) to benefit organizations such as the Sharing Shelf in Portchester.

  • The Program Director and faculty organize an annual "Hop-a-thon", Pajama Day and other programs to encourage giving to others and teach about tolerance, acceptance and Tikkun Olam.


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