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In addition to our marvelous Mazel Tots® teaching staff we are delighted to be joined by a wonderful complement of Specialists. 

​These specialists lead the children through a group of exciting activities that help the children to grow in all sorts of ways.


Art - In this immersive and multi-sensory program, the children are able to unleash their creative spirits and explore art through various hands on projects & themes. Learning through art promotes creativity, problem solving skills, confidence, patience & determination.

Dance - Our fantastic dance instructor from Studio B Dance Center helps the children enhance their emotional, social and cognitive development through the interpretation of moves and choreography. The love of dance from an early age can help motivate kids to stay active as they grow into adults.

Mad Science - Mad Science will turn our art room into a science lab!  The children have a great time experimenting, exploring, predicting, and discovering.  Mad Science units include sound, light, chemical combinations, air, water and more!

Movement -  Through a series of games and exercises the children will build their core and body’s fluidity, while developing their gross motor skills. The children also learn about spatial directions such as: over, under, next to, on top of, etc.  

Music -  Jen Rosin is our fantastic Music teacher. A former musical theater performer, Jen lends her talents to helping our students develop their sense of rhythm and musicality. This musical program incorporates themes, sensory experiences and more across a variety of fun, interactive and educational music modalities.

Pre-school Fitness Classes – Jeannine Palermo loves obstacle courses and so will your child in this exciting class!  Jeannine teaches pre-school fitness classes through the Scarsdale Recreation Department.   While playing age appropriate games, your child will increase motor, social and listening skills in this active class.  

Soccer - Coaches will work with every student to develop skills, self-confidence, and teamwork in a fun, non-competitive environment.  Positive reinforcement ensures that each child will improve his or her soccer skills through engaging warm-ups, activities, and games.

Sports and Games with Coach Steve - Coach Steve is the hit of our week! He visits with the children twice each week.  Through a variety of sports and game activities he helps the children to become more agile and better coordinated.  The children also learn social skills such as waiting a turn, choosing and working with a partner and good sportsmanship.  Through sports-type games Coach Steve also teaches sorting, sequencing and size order.  The children are truly learning through play. 

Yoga - The Children's School of Yoga's skilled instructors guide the children through mindful breathing techniques, meditation and impart strategies and skills that the children will incorporate in their daily lives and for many years to come.

Call to hear about even more of our specialists.

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