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Thank you for your interest in Mazel Tots!  It is our joy and privilege to take an active role in helping young children develop the skills they need as they grow and become life-long learners.  Mazel Tots encourages imagination, creativity and an enthusiasm for learning.  Our classrooms are engaging, fun and exciting to explore.

We will support Social Growth by:

  • Modeling social behaviors and social dialog
  • Helping children to become good classroom citizens
  • Helping children make informed choices
  • Fostering leadership skills

We will support Emotional Growth by:

  • Building self confidence
  • Encouraging self expression
  • Building self help skills
  • Exploring the range of emotions

We will support Physical Growth by:

  • Fostering fine and gross motor development.  Learn about our Outdoor Playground and Indoor Playspace
  • Building body awareness and fluidity of movement
  • Providing daily opportunities to build coordination and balancing skills
  • Helping the children to understand their body in space

We will support Intellectual Growth by:

  • Building math skills including recognizing patterns and counting
  • Beginning to explore sorting, sequencing and comparisons
  • Encouraging building skills
  • Developing an understanding of cause and effect
  • Exploring spatial relationships
  • Assisting the children in internalizing routines
  • Fostering executive functioning skills
  • Encouraging communication with their peers and teachers
  • Promoting an awareness of phonetics and rhymes
  • Nurturing the development of their vocabulary
  • Developing pre-reading skills
  • Fostering active listening skills
  • Exploring a variety of media
  • Encouraging creativity in storytelling
  • Differentiating the sounds of each letter and letter blend
  • Providing materials and classrooms that encourage exploration

We will support Spiritual Growth by:

  • Spending time with our clergy
  • Developing an understanding of our holidays and traditions
  • Celebrating Shabbat
  • Collecting for tzedakah
  • Learning songs and prayers of thanks
Mon, May 20 2024 12 Iyar 5784