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Dear Friends:

We're delighted that you've taken the time to visit our website and virtual home.  More importantly: we hope that, after learning a little bit about us, you'll be inclined to visit our actual home, on Ogden Road in Scarsdale, so that we can meet you in person.  As you enter through our doors, we hope that you will notice that our family of families is a diverse and inclusive one.  Anyone from any background that is seeking out a meaningful Jewish life and Jewish home is welcomed here.  Ours is also a community that takes its spirituality and learning seriously.  If you and your children are looking to be challenged and enriched by the melodies, texts, and values of our Tradition, then we trust that you will feel very much at home here.  Most of all, we happen to believe that spending time with your synagogue, whether you are a 5th grader or 55 years old, should never feel boring or onerous.  We don't take ourselves too seriously, and we passionately believe that it's a good thing to have fun at synagogue (at least every once in a while!).  We hope, to that end, that you come to find that our space and our community foster the simple joy that comes along with living a Jewish life. 

Please feel free to email us: 
 Rabbi Jeffrey BrownCantor Chanin Becker and Temple President Barbara Ginsberg are all standing by to answer any questions that you might have as you consider whether becoming a part of our community is right for you.  They look forward to the possibility of greeting you in person and speaking to you soon.



How many members do you presently have?
We are a growing, thriving congregation with approximately 400 member units.   

What is the usual time for Shabbat services?
Friday night services begin at 6:15 p.m. or 7:30 p.m. Family Shabbat programming aimed at both the preschool contingent, as well as K-6th graders, occurs once a month on Friday night.  Please call the Temple Office at (914) 725-5175 for details.  Shabbat morning and afternoon worship opportunities vary from week to week.  Please call the Temple Office at (914) 725-5175 for details.

Are children welcome at all Shabbat services?
Absolutely! Full family participation in all services and synagogue events is encouraged.

Do we need passes to attend the High Holy Day services?
Yes. Members receive one pass per adult and for every child between the ages 19 and 24. Children under 18 do not require pass.  Members are asked to contribute $50 per ticket for children over 25. Current members receive their passes in the mail several weeks prior to Rosh Hashanah. Additional passes may be purchased for relatives who are not members of a synagogue with a contribution of $150 per pass. The public is invited to join us for select High Holy Day services.

I am Jewish, but my partner is not.  How will we fit in at Scarsdale Synagogue?
You are not alone. Many of our congregants are interfaith families who participate fully in all synagogue activities. The siddur (prayer book) offers transliteration for all prayers and we recite many of our prayers in English. We also have a CD of prayers and songs used at Friday night services for you to listen to and practice with. Non-Jewish family members can have aliyahs at all services and share in the service in a meaningful way.  Most importantly: our clergy and staff are always standing by to assist in making every family's experience at Scarsdale Synagogue as meaningful as possible.

Do you have a nursery school program?  Do you have a summer camp?
Mazel TotsĀ® is our nursery school program for toddlers, 2, 3 and 4 year olds.  The Early Childhood Program Director, Jody Glassman, will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the nursery school program and Summer Stars, our summer camp program.  Jody can be reached at (914) 723-3001.

Do I have to be a member to enroll my child in the nursery school?
Our early childhood program welcomes all families, regardless of religious affiliation.  Families interested in joining our synagogue are welcome to take part in our Pledge Commitment Model.  For more information about membership, please call (914) 725-5175.

How early can my child begin Religious School education?
We encourage families to begin the Religious School program as early as possible.  Our Religious School begins at age 3 with a monthly Pre-K program.

Religious School schedule is:

            Grades Pre-K through 3:  Sundays 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

            Grades 4 through 6:  Weekday Hebrew Learning Pods AND Sundays from 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

            Grades 7-12:  Sundays 9:00 - 11:30 a.m. (Madrichim Program)

Do I have to be a member to enroll my child in Religious School?
If your child is in Pre-K (3s and 4s), you may enroll your child in our Religious School for one year as a non-member provided that your family does not have an older child enrolled in the Religious School. After the first year, synagogue membership is required.

When does study for Bar/Bat Mitzvah begin?
The foundation for Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation is built throughout your child's religious education.  We strive to help our students become familiar with the basics of Jewish history, tradition, values, and Hebrew by the time they are ready to become Bar/Bat Mitzvah.  Individualized instruction begins approximately five months before the Bar/Bat Mitzvah date. In addition, one-on-one meetings with Rabbi Brown begin approximately three months before the date. We involve family as much as possible in order to make the process a true journey of self-discovery, rather than simply a religious service and rite of passage.

Does the synagogue offer adult education opportunities?
The synagogue offers a vast array of adult education opportunities as well as workshops and classes designed to meet the needs of all congregants. 

How do we arrange for a tour of the building and get more information about the synagogue? How do I rent space at the temple for a party or a meeting?
Please call the office at (914) 725-5175. We would be delighted to give you a tour and answer any questions you may have.

How do I obtain schedules and additional information about services, holiday celebrations and other events and programs?
The Shalom, our monthly newsletter, includes articles by our professional staff and lay leaders, as well as a calendar of upcoming events and information regarding Shabbat services and other programs and activities. We also invite you to keep checking visit our calendar for the most current information about the activities on our calendar as well as a full description of our synagogue community.

Does the synagogue sell cemetery plots to members?
The synagogue sells cemetery plots to our members at Sharon Gardens, the Jewish section of Kensico Cemetery in Valhalla.  Please contact us at the temple office at (914) 725-5175 for more information.

What are the synagogue's expectations of its members?
We are committed to provide a diverse program of activities that strives to touch every area of Jewish life. And it is our hope that our members will become partners in creating a congregation that will truly be a storehouse of the Jewish spirit and a sacred community.

By meeting new people and participating in activities at the synagogue, we hope the congregation will become your extended family - a family in which people are willing to be there for one another, to celebrate happy occasions and share in difficult times: to study together, worship together and to create memories for our children so powerful that they will seek to pass them on from generation to generation. We want to foster a sense of connectedness that all our members will truly experience.

What will my annual dues be?
In 2016, our Board of Trustees unanimously voted to adopt a Pledge Commitment Model.  This means that instead of a fee for service model (fixed dues), we are creating a financial partnership with our members.  Members are invited on an annual basis to make their pledge to the synagogue and have a realistic understanding that the resources of our synagogue (our clergy, staff and building), of course, cost a great deal of money.  If you have questions about the Pledge Model, please be in touch with the Temple office at 914-725-5175.  LEARN MORE AND MAKE YOUR PLEDGE TODAY
Wed, June 12 2024 6 Sivan 5784