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Our Care2Connect committee has one main goal – to reach out and support fellow congregants throughout various lifecycle events. Members of our committee are here for you, in good times and in hard times, offering support and a helping hand when needed. Throughout the years, we have provided words of congratulations for births, marriages and bar/bat mitzvahs, words of sympathy when those among us have lost loved ones, and words of support when others are not doing so well.

New volunteers are always welcome! There are no meetings to attend or events to schedule on your calendar. Just let us know what you are interested in doing, how often you are available and the best way to reach you (email is
preferable). There is no requirement for what you would need to do, we are happy to work within your comfort level to help you get involved. Then, when a need arises that you are comfortable with, our committee will be in touch. Whether you can help out once a month or once a year, it all adds up to a more supportive and caring temple community! Tikkun Olam, Together.

Other services our network of member volunteers provide include:

  • Providing/Delivering Meals to homebound members or families during a health crisis;
  • Checking in via telephone with the ill, elderly and/or homebound;
  • Visiting an ill or homebound member;
  • Transportation to a doctor's appointment for an ill or non-driving member;
  • Hosting a single or widowed member for a holiday meal;
  • Transportation to services (when available) for an elderly or non-driving member .

    If you know...of a Synagogue member who is ill or in the hospital, call the office and let us know. This way the Rabbi and Cantor can visit and Care2Connect can provide timely support. Don’t assume that we know---we will only know if you tell us! 
Mon, May 20 2024 12 Iyar 5784