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How to Import Calendar Events into your Personal Calendar

Most of the time people will want to subscribe to their customized calendar, not import calendar items. If you want to import calendar items, it is assumed you have a working familiarity with your calendar program and how to import items to it, edit them, delete them, etc. Calendar entries can be imported using the following methods. 

Note that with all these methods, your imported calendar entries will NOT be updated automatically when the synagogue makes changes to its calendar, nor will you get any new calendar entries which the synagogue may add. Click here to view all the issues to be aware of when importing calendar entries.

1. Single Entry Import. You can import a single calendar entry (which may be a repeating entry or series). Click on the entry and look for the Save to My Calendar button at the bottom.

2. Customized Calendar Import. You can create a customized version of the calendar and then import all those entries into your personal calendar:

a. Follow Steps 1-3 under “How to Subscribe to a Customized Version of the LT Calendar” to select what entries you want to import.  Don't do Step 4 (Subscribing), instead come back to this page.

b. Click on “Add to Outlook (Desktop Version)” if you want to import the entries into Outlook, or else click on “Download iCal File” to download a file that should be able to be imported into most other calendar programs.

3. Raw Data Export. You can download a basic data file containing calendar information for importing into other programs or other purposes.

a. Follow steps 1-2b under “How to Subscribe to a Customized Version of the LT Calendar”. Don’t go beyond Step 2b, instead come back to this page.

b. Instead of step 2c, click on “CSV Export” on the last line.

c. Use the filters at the top to customize what calendar entries you want to export, and over what time period.

d. Click on the DOWNLOAD button to download the raw data file.

Thu, May 26 2022 25 Iyar 5782