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Mazel Tots® has a variety of partnerships with community members.  These partnerships help to enrich our program by creating opportunities for children to interact with professionals, hobbyists and volunteers. 

Author Visits - Ms. Jeanne Rollins has authored a children’s book and brought that book to us prior to its publication date.  She helped our Mazel Tots students understand what it takes to write a book and bring it to life.

Community Helper - Mr. Ray Santiago is the Head of our Security Team here at Scarsdale Synagogue.  Mr. Santiago is a former NYC Transit Officer.  In addition to that, Mr. Santiago is a Martial Arts instructor.  Ray spends time with the children helping them to understand how Police Officers are always available to help them. 

Dentist - Dr. Scott Loeser visits with our classes and teaches them how to have a healthy mouth.  Dr. Loeser does this through puppets, videos and models of mouths.  He teaches us that brushing can be fun! 

Food Pantry/Social Action Awareness - Mrs. Elli Wharton is one of the chairs of our Interfaith Food Pantry.  Elli has explained to our Mazel Tots students about how essential it is for us to collect food for others and how we get the food to where it’s needed.  She has also enlisted the children’s help in collecting, sorting and packing the food for distribution.

Licensed Social Worker - Ms. Stefani Cohen, LSW serves our Mazel Tots community as our Parenting Program Facilitator and staff resource.  In addition, Ms. Cohen, along with her therapy dog, Fozzy, teach our children how to interact safely with animals.    

Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps - Jim Gross and Berenice Miller are both members with the Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps.  They bring an ambulance by and allow the children to explore it and they explain its contents.  Both Jim and Berenice explain what might happen once an ambulance arrives to help someone. 

Scarsdale Firefighters - Scarsdale Firefighters stop by for a visit each year.  They give us all sorts of fire safety information.  They even show our Mazel Tots what Firefighters would look and sound like when they were “suited up”.  The Firefighters do this in an effort to help children stay calm should an emergency arise.

Storyteller - Mrs. June Reidenberg has written several stories about her family’s experiences at holidays.  She has graciously shared those stories with our Mazel Tots.  She reads to the children and helps to inspire them to write their own stories.

Westchester County Traffic Safety - Various representatives from Westchester County have visited with us to help explain traffic safety to the children.  They’ve discussed traffic safety from the perspective of a pedestrian as well as the perspective of a passenger in a car.  Parents have reported that these talks have helped children to keep from running into traffic and from being unhappy about sitting in their car seats.

Fri, March 24 2023 2 Nisan 5783