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How to Remove or Make Changes to Your Calendar Subscription

In order to make changes to your customized synagogue Calendar (i.e. to change which Scarsdale Synagogue or other events are included and shown in it), you have to first remove the existing subscription from your program/app as described below and then re-customize your calendar and subscribe to it using the steps above under How to Subscribe to a Customized Version of the LT Calendar

NOTE: If all you want to do is add additional, new synagogue calendars that weren’t available or you hadn’t selected before, you don’t have to remove your existing subscribed calendar and redo it from scratch. Instead, you can just add a new subscribed calendar with only the additional categories on it. This will however mean that you will have two (or more) subscribed calendars showing on your own calendar. 

NOTE: If you know how to edit the web address of your subscribed calendar on each of your devices, you can skip the removing the subscription step below and instead just replace the web address of your existing subscribed calendar with the new web address generated when you re-customize your calendar.

To REMOVE a subscribed calendar, below are instructions that should work for Outlook, Google Calendar, and Apple Calendar (iPhone/iPad/Mac). The steps are usually pretty similar but may differ a little from program to program. For other programs/apps, try to find similar menu options. Note that, as with subscribing in the first place, often if you delete a subscribed calendar from one device, like an iPad, it will also be deleted on your other computers or devices that are linked to the same account info, like a Mac or iPhone.

  1. Google Calendar

a. Go to your Google Calendar, and on the left side, under Other Calendars, find the Scarsdale Synagogue calendar. Roll your cursor over it and click on the X to the right of the name, then click Remove Calendar.

2. Apple iPad/iPhone

a. From your home screen, click on your Settings icon, on the left scroll down to Calendar and click on it.

b. On the right, click on Accounts, and then click on Subscribed Calendars.

c. Click on your Scarsdale Synagogue calendar, and at the bottom click on Delete Account, then click Delete.

3. Apple Calendar on Mac

a. In your Apple Calendar program, find the Scarsdale Synagogue calendar in your calendar list on the left side, hold down the Control key, and click on the calendar name. Choose Unsubscribe and click Delete

 4. Outlook desktop version (exact steps may vary a little depending on version)

 a. Go to your calendar view, and find the Scarsdale Synagogue calendar under "Other Calendars" in the left hand side. Right-click on it and choose Delete Calendar, then click OK.

5. Outlook web version (exact steps may vary a little depending on version)

a. Go to your calendar view, and find the LScarsdale Synagogue  calendar under My calendars in the left hand side. Click on the menu icon to the right of it and choose Remove, then click Delete.

Thu, May 26 2022 25 Iyar 5782