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What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

It is "a unique relationship of mutual support and commitment between a farm and community members for an entire growing season.  CSA members purchase a share for the growing season before the harvest begins. The price of the share enables the farm to cover yearly costs, almost all of which are incurred before the crops are ready for harvest.  This entitles the member to a share of the harvest throughout the season, grown and delivered by a farm they know and trust."  - Stoneledge Farms*

Read the Letter to the Community from Cantor Becker & Rabbi Glickman

NOTE:  CSA Members will be capped at 24 people
​so sign up early to secure your space

$18/Member will be donated to the United Interfaith Food Bank

Whether you are registering for the CSA program or not, please



Open to the Community!

Tell a Friend.  This opportunity is open to everyone

QUESTIONS?  Please contact our volunteer coordinator Amy Huang-Fenichel

Pricing for 2020 - 24 Week Program

Standard Vegetable Share (Certified Organic)
(Base Required Membership Share)
$573  (includes $18 donation to food bank)
Weekly Delivery from June 3 through November 11

$10 off your vegetable share special now until January 1st.  
Right now you can get your vegetable share for $563 and on January 1st the price will increase to $573.
No coupon is required. 

Optional Shares Can be Added to the Vegetable Share

Fruit Share - 20 weeks
$260 for weekly delivery starting on week 5 of vegetables or July 8
Conventionally grown, not organic

Mushroom Share - 24 weeks
$145 for weekly delivery
Locally raised naturally but not certified organic

Coffee Share - 6 deliveries
$126 for 6 monthly deliveries.  2 lb/month.
Certified Organic Fair-trade Honduran Coffee

Dry Beans (certified organic)
​$116 for 6 monthly deliveries

Goat Milk Share - 12 deliveries
$108 for Single Share:  One 1/2 gallon of pasteurized goat milk
$99 for Two or more Shares:  Two or more 1/2 gallons of pasteurized goat milk

Milk comes from the Painted Goat Farm.  Their milk is low temperature pasteurized, not high temperature and not ultra-pasteurized. Non-GMO and fed pasture, hay, and organic grains. You will receive your milk delivery every other week for a total of 12 deliveries.  LEARN MORE

Goat Cheese Share - 12 deliveries
$129 for a single share:  13 cheeses, approximately 6 lbs of cheese
$110 for feta share only:  12 cheeses, 6 lbs of cheese

Cheeses come from the Painted Goat Farm and include a variety of styles and flavors that we make which enables you to try something new every two weeks.  Cheeses range from 4.5 oz to 9 oz with most weighing 8 oz.

Your membership goes to support:

1) A NYS farmer (along with other farmers for fruits, mushroom and coffee), 
2) The Food bank fund at the Scarsdale Synagogue ($360 was donated to that fund from 2017 CSA) 
3) Grace Church Soup Kitchen in White Plains and
4) Healthy organic veggies for your family for 24 weeks!

When Can I Pickup?

Weekly on Wednesdays from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Any vegetables that are not picked up by members are donated to Grace Church soup kitchen.

Member Requirements

Members are required to volunteer at least once from 3:30 - 6:00 p.m. (incl. set up and clean up) during the 24 week season.

*Stoneledge Farms is proud to collaborate with Scarsdale Synagogue to provide our community with fresh fruits, vegetables and coffee through a Community Supported Agriculture Program.
Thu, December 2 2021 28 Kislev 5782